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Lawrence Smith

Alexander technique teacherLawrence Smith directed the Manhattan Center for the Alexander Technique in New York City for over 10 years, before moving to Montreal in 1998. He has taught world-renowned musicians, dancers, actors and athletes, and has lectured and taught at professional theatre and music schools. Trained as an actor and dancer, Lawrence performed throughout North American and Europe, and has written and directed for the theater. He is a competitive athlete and a practitioner of Tai-chi Chuan.

Lawrence is certified to teach the Alexander Technique by the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) in London, England, and by its U.S. and Canadian affiliates, AmSAT and CANSTAT.

"I came to the Alexander Technique seeking help for sciatica pain from sitting for many hours at my instrument. Through working with Lawrence, I have not only learned how to be pain free and work for many hours at a stretch, but have learned so much more about letting go of tension throughout my body. I have noticed that I have much more freedom within my body and a freedom in my sound on my instrument. Lawrence teaches a holistic approach to this technique and its applications in all that we do, from the day to day tasks to the intricate work of specialized activities. Alexander Technique has profoundly changed the way I move throughout my life and I thank Lawrence for his intelligent direction and guidance." Jennifer Swartz, Principal Harp, Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Assistant Professor of Harp, Schulich School of Music of McGill University

"The Alexander technique is an odd, subtle, clever surprise - that works wonders. One of the best things about being more relaxed as a result of Lawrence's lessons is that the sound I make on my bass is richer, fuller, more musical, and... requires less effort. Best thing I ever did for my back! and a great tool for relieving accidental strains. Lawrence is brilliant and caring, and very well informed." Lindsey Meagher, Bass Section, Montreal Symphony Orchestra

"The Alexander Technique was a revelation for me. After several sessions, all of my activities became miraculously easier and more pleasurable: dancing, running with my son, playing ball… even walking has become a pleasure: I have discovered the joy of walking with grace. I found my everyday life transformed. Many thanks to Lawrence for what he has given me. I wish that the Alexander Technique were better known in the medical world. It is a remarkable remedy for many problems, for example, those related to poor alignment and the muscular tensions that result: headaches, neck and lower back pain, etc…. The Alexander Technique is also useful in dealing with stress and anxiety: serenity of the body is at least a part of serenity of spirit…" Dr. Kathia Znojkiewicz

"For one used to the complex movements of dance, I found the Alexander Technique disarmingly simple. None-the-less, during the sessions, through the verbal and tactile indications of teacher Lawrence Smith, the work of bodily reorganization proceeded gently but surely. The Alexander Technique and the fine and sensitive teaching of Lawrence brought ease, efficiency and harmony to my movement, both in dance and in everyday life." Manon Levac, Dancer, Montréal Danse

"The Alexander Technique was essential to my recovery from challenging dance injuries. Lawrence taught me to shed layers of unnecessary tension and to change limiting movement patterns that had become reflexes. He gave me the tools to rediscover my ability to live unencumbered by pain and to meet the demands of my professional dance career."     Roxane D'Orleans Juste, Solo performer, choreographer and dancer with the JosÚ Lim˛n Dance Company


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