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Lawrence Smith began his study of the Alexander Technique in 1978, and trained throughout the 1980's with some of the world's top practitioners of the Alexander Technique. He was STAT certified after completing the three-year teacher training program of The Institute for the Alexander Technique in New York City under the directorship of Thomas Lemens. He has taught the Alexander Technique full-time since 1989, directing the Manhattan Center for the Alexander Technique in New York City, before moving to Montreal in 1998. He is achieving an international reputation for his work with leading musicians and dancers (see testimonials), and his experience with competitive athletics has helped him to work with athletes.
Lawrence's broad experience has enabled him to develop teaching strategies applicable to all professions. His clientele comprises students from ages 10 to 80, from all professions, but with one common goal: well-being. Lawrence Smith has been invited by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra to teach for the OSM Standard Life Competition for strings and harp.
F.M. Alexander was an Australian who, through his work with speech and respiration, developed a unique method for correcting the functioning of postural reflexes. The Alexander Technique is perhaps the first method to recognize the importance of the head-neck sensory motor system in human posture.

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